Saturday, 10 December 2016

25 things to do this christmas

1.) The most important thing first, get your Christmas tree up and decorated!
2.) Visit a Christmas market, our favourite is Bath
3.) Make your own mulled wine, its surprisingly simple to do.
4.) Go to a carol service, this doesn't have to necessarily be in a church there are lots of services around which take place at schools, community centres and even outdoors.
5.) Don't forget to open your advent calendar EVERYDAY. I usually forget and end up with a weeks worth in one go (not saying that's a bad thing)
6.) Go and watch a pantomime, this is definitely a dying art as there seem to be less and less around each year. Support your local pantomime by taking the kids along, they would love it. 
7.) Make a Christmas playlist. I normally have it blasting out in the mornings while getting the kids ready and its always played when we open our presents on Christmas day. 
8.) Make a treasure hunt for the kids buy hiding chocolate coins round the house.
9.) Have a Christmas movie day. Shut the outside world out, get cosy on the sofa with lots of food and have a movie marathon.
10.) Wear a Christmas jumper for save the children. This year it takes place on Friday 16th December.
11.) Make a luxury hot chocolate with cream, marshmallows and a flake.
12.) Take a walk in the evening in your local area and look at all the Christmas lights.
13.) Go ice skating, I used to do this so much as a child.
14.) Make a gingerbread house, there are so many available that are pre cut so all you need to do is put it together.
15.) Get the kids to make Christmas cards to send out to family and friends
16.) Make indoor snow, all you need is baking powder and hair conditioner. You can even add silver glitter to make it even more special.
17.) Read Christmas stories with the kids.
18.) Make mince pies, my two love getting involved with this, remember to save one for Father Christmas!
19.) Make paper chains, so old school but again my kids love making these.
20.) Find a Christmas wreath workshop in your local area and make your own wreath for your front door.
21.) Make reindeer food (oats and edible glitter) and sprinkle it on your front garden on Christmas eve.
22.) Make Christmas bark, I will be doing a blog post on this shortly.
23.) Have a glow stick bath, if you haven't tried this then you are seriously missing out! 
24.) Make melted snowmen biscuits, blog post to follow on how to make these
25.) Most importantly remember what Christmas is actually about, spending time with family and friends.  

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