Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Why is bedtime so hard?!

Look innocent and cute don't they? Well don't let that fool you, come 6pm at night and all hell breaks lose. My daughter needs to rearrange every single teddy (and I'm talking over twenty) on her bed so there in perfect order. My son decides to hide his favourite teddy, which I am now scouring the house for like a crazy woman because he cannot possibly go to sleep without it. Then the negotiations for a fourth book starts but thankfully I have found Charlie's missing teddy by this point.

 Isabelle then decides that she doesn't like the pj's she has on so gets changed and puts original pj's in the wash even though she has only been wearing them for twenty minutes. Next is the running up and down the hall screaming like wild banshees while I try to heard them into their bedrooms like cattle. Just as you think your sorted and its time to escape you hear 'mummy i want a drink' in the voice of a child who is clearly beyond dehydrated. You bring up said drink and she takes ONE sip, insert rolling of eyes here. Finally its 56 kisses each, 22 air kisses and 12 I love you's.

Why does it have to be so hard? Its not like they don't know how bedtime works by now!

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