Sunday, 1 January 2017

Back to reality

This is my favourite type of video to watch on YouTube so I just had to join in! I received some lovely girly bits which I have loved trying out so far. Well apart from the mistletoe bath bomb which after making the video I tried and it stained the bath pink. Bleach, bathroom cleaner and a magic eraser later and there is still a hit of pink. Can you imagine my husbands face, yeah not impressed to say the least!

Our Christmas was just what we needed, quiet, relaxed and totally chilled. We stayed here for Christmas this year just the four of us as we desperately wanted some family time together after the past few months. We had home made sausage and egg muffins for breakfast, watched the kids unwrap there presents and it was so magical, both of them are that much more aware of what is going on now and what Christmas is all about.

I cooked an amazing roast (even if I do say so myself) and we spent the rest of the day playing with presents and watching Christmas TV. The kids were shattered by 6pm and as much as we had been trying to keep them awake they ended up going to bed at their usual time. 

The rest of Christmas day evening is some what of a blur now. We had been sat eating rubbish and had a glass of something each when Phill became doubled over in pain and an ambulance was called. Not exactly how I had seen our Christmas going! It was terrifying to see him in so much pain and he's now waiting to be called for an urgent scan. 

By boxing day he was feeling a little better and we managed to get out the house for a few hours but it was going round and round in my head what had happened the previous evening. When we got home we skyped all of the family which was so nice as they all love the kids to pieces and it was nice to see them too of course.

Then like a lot of people I started getting that feeling in the pit of my stomach that Christmas was nearly over and it was going to be back to reality any minute. I'm very thankful that it was basically a double bank holiday this year as this meant it lasted that little bit longer. These days (god that sounded old) it's all about the kids anyway. Number one priority is making sure they have had the best time possible and if they have then everyone's a winner!

Christmas, I'll see you next year! 

P.S Don't forget to head over to my Youtube channel to see what I got for Christmas and maybe you could even click the subscribe button and join the family!

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