Thursday, 5 January 2017

Back to school blues

And just like that it was back to school time. I officially have the after Christmas blues. The house is so quiet without her and as much as she can drive me crazy I would have given anything for half term to have lasted that little bit longer.

Back to the army like drill of the school run and oh my goodness getting out of bed just before 7am on Tuesday was hard after two weeks of slow mornings with no rushing around to get out the door. We normally end up either ridiculously early or late there is no in between.

Isabelle loves school so getting her to go is never an issue but she tries so hard that it shows when I pick her up. She can get very upset over how tired she feels and I have not missed seeing her like that during half term, it takes a massive toll on her. It's very easy to forget just how little she is.

The hardest thing though is seeing her brother's reaction when we walked away from school on Tuesday morning. He was so upset that his best friend was gone again. Isabelle however could not have got to her friends quick enough and we were a distant memory.

During the Christmas break, like most families, is when we are all together the longest out of the whole year and I think this is why it feels so strange to all be separated again. Something to look forward to is the next half term which is really not that long away and Phill is off too which is going to be so good.

But for now it's back to me and this cheeky little one until we pick his sister up from school. I need to break out of this sad little bubble asap, I mean look at that face!

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