Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Ditching the dummy

On new years day, with no previous thought, we decided that it was time to try and get Charlie to ditch the dummy. I don't quite no why we choose this day maybe because it was the start of a new year. Charlie turned two last September and we gave him a dummy a few weeks after his first injections. Those said injections turned our happy baby boy into a non-sleeping and just generally miserable little boy. With Isabelle we never offered a dummy and she took to sucking her thumb which she still does now in the evenings before she goes to bed. This definitely shows for me that even if you don't offer a dummy they may well go down the other option of thumb sucking, you just don't know!


I appreciate that not everyone agrees with dummies and I totally understand why. With Charlie it was purely for some comfort, for him and for us and it worked pretty much immediately. 

Now back to trying to take his dummy away. On the day we decided to go for it we made sure that we were going to be busy and that we were tiring him out. Mainly so that if he did get upset that he didn't have it he would be so tired he wouldn't be able to fight going to sleep for long.

The first night was pretty bad he cried for nearly an hour. We kept going back in to comfort him and eventually he fell asleep. It was so hard knowing what he was crying for and not giving in. This lasted for a week and it was the same at nap time. 

We are now just over three weeks later and we haven't looked back since. Getting him to sleep at night is no longer an issue as he still has his favourite two teddies which have been a great comfort during this time for him. Nap time is still very hit and miss. Some days he just won't settle and I don't force him to nap. Isabelle didn't drop naps until just after she turned three but I think Charlie will be a lot sooner than that.

Overall I'm really glad we did it when we did and it was a lot easier than I thought as I was dreading it! Last night he actually found the last dummy we had in the house (we had missed one!) in one of the toy boxes and he ran straight over to me and gave it to me, just like that. Proud Mummy.

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