Sunday, 22 January 2017

Squabbling Siblings

The brother sister squabbling has been in full swing since the beginning of this month and I am totally pulling my hair out. The second we pick Isabelle up from school it starts. 'Mummy Charlie's in my way!' and sure enough Charlie then tries to push her off her scooter. When we get through the front door its arguing over who is going to get given the snack first. Even if I give it to them at the same time its then a competition to see who has the biggest one. Isabelle very much uses the fact Charlie cant talk properly yet to her advantage. Charlie spends the majority of the time grunting at her if he's not happy with something she's doing.

Isabelle has taken to bossing Charlie around or acting like his second mum. Helpful I hear you ask? Well no, not when she is telling him he will go to bed if he doesn't stop doing whatever it is that's bothering her (something along the lines of looking at her for too long, when she is over tired everything and anything sets her off). This then results in Charlie having a full on the floor meltdown. This goes on and on until bedtime. I have a younger brother and I cannot remember the bickering starting this early.

Then there are the moments when they forget there not supposed to not like each other. When they hold hands when we're out or when they choose to cuddle on the sofa on the weekends. The first person Charlie shouts for in the morning is 'Belle'. They are unbelievably close and if they didn't squabble then I would be worried. I really do hope that they remain close and I know for sure that Isabelle will always have her little brother's back. 

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