Friday, 27 January 2017

The Place That Makes My Heart Happy

Devon Cliffs is a Haven site near Exmouth and it's become our go to UK holiday destination. I can't put my finger on what it is but there's just something about this place that draws us back every year. It's the one place where I can just completely let go, relax and with no phone signal on site, switch off from the world.

The beach is pretty much private to the Haven site so it's never too busy that you can't find any where to sit. We have even been at the end of September and it's still just as nice. I think I'm just drawn to being near the sea. The kids love playing on the beach and going in the sea and we take a cheeky drink down from the beach side restaurant. Heaven.

I'm dying for a holiday some time soon but financially I just don't see it happening at the moment unfortunately. If we do have any spare money though this is where we will be heading. The kids love the evening entertainment, there's an on site Starbucks, swimming pools, basically there's no reason to leave the site and we never feel like we need to. I love the fact though that all the kids want to do is sit on the 2p machines until Mummy and Daddy run out of money. I did exactly the same at their age. 

Anyone with anxiety will tell you that it's really hard to find a place where you feel completely at peace with yourself. This is it for me maybe that's why I'm so eager to go back because I just need some time to switch off from everything at the moment. 

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