Friday, 17 February 2017

Falling off the dieting bandwagon

It was all going so well. I had managed a month on slimming world and was feeling so good. Then I was back to eating what ever I wanted when I wanted. I found myself putting so much pressure on what I was eating to the point were I was starting to feel down about it. But I started to think why am I really doing this? I was doing it to eat better and not so much to lose weight. I am actually the lightest I have been in years. If I was to lose a stone I would be the weight I was when I was 18. 

I am 100% an emotional eater, if I am down or have had a rubbish day I eat. I find it especially hard in the evening when it's just me to stay on track. Kids have gone to bed and just I can't be bothered to make myself a proper meal. By the time I have tidied downstairs, folded the washing, done the washing up I just want to go to bed! I don't feel like I'm eating too much more that I'm grabbing high sugar foods just to keep me going.

On the left I was 39 weeks pregnant with Isabelle, this is the heaviest I have ever been. On the right I was 32 weeks pregnant with Charlie and I definitely made sure I didn't make the same mistake again. I am always going to be a bit self conscious of my belly now and especially after having a c-section but it's were my babies came from so frankly, I couldn't care less! There is too much pressure on us Mums to look perfect after having kids and it's totally unrealistic.

This is me now and you know what, I'm actually pretty happy with this picture. My mummy tummy is tucked away in my jeans and I remember when I took this pic that it was the first time in a while that I had felt like me. It's so easy after you become a mum to lose your identity and you just end up blending into the background. Now don't get me wrong most days (all right 6/7) you will find me in a pair of leggings with a mum bun but some times it's just nice to remember who we were before our babies. This picture is exactly that for me.

As long as I don't start piling on a stone a week I'm going to stop worrying about my weight and just be happy with the way I am!

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