Friday, 3 February 2017

Review | Aveeno Cream & Oil

Being that this is my first review I wanted it to be on something that we have used for years. Not only have I used this but Isabelle also has for nearly five years.

Isabelle developed eczema very early on and upon seeing our GP we were prescribed hydrocortisone cream to start off with but it was obvious that Isabelle needed a really good moisturising cream as her skin gets extremely dry. After going back and forth from the doctors (we tried so many different types) we were finally given Aveeno's moisturising cream.

Isabelle's eczema was so bad that she would scratch herself red raw, it was totally heart breaking to see. The relief from Aveeno's cream was instant for her we used it twice a day and within a week her skin was looking the best it had done in months. 

After the success of the moisturiser we looked further down Aveeno's product line and purchased their bath oil. We would still use a small amount of sensitive bubble bath so that it wasn't to boring for her (I mean who want's a bath with no bubbles?!) but we would also add some of the oil too. When you hear the word oil it's easy to think of getting out the bath like a greasy mess but this is not the case. Isabelle's skin was so soft and not irritated at all. I didn't realise to start of with that the oil can also be used in the shower and I have now tried it (yes eczema is something else that Isabelle has inherited from me, can you imagine the grief I will get when she's older?!).

We have to be so careful with what we use on her skin, for example washing powder, fabric conditioner and we also think there maybe a link with her lactose intolerance and eczema. 

Isabelle's skin is actually pretty good at the moment but we still use the moisturiser when needed and the bath oil once a week just to keep on top of it because we never no when it might flare up.

Both products contain oatmeal which is well known for its soothing qualities. If you or your child suffer with eczema or dry skin then I cannot recommend the Aveeno range enough. I am trying the hand cream at the moment and it's just as good. I will leave links to all three products below just in case you want to check them out.

Aveeno Oil *
Aveeno Moisturising Cream*
Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream *

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