Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The terrible twos are here again!

Well what can I say? It's like I'm living with Jekyll and Hyde at the moment. Super cute on the outside but inside there is a monster! I have uploaded a new video today discussing this subject but I also wanted to write a more detailed blog post.

In all seriousness I forgot how testing having a toddler is even though I have been through all of this before with our first. We have been so lucky with Charlie, he has always been so laid back (get's that from his Daddy) and just the easiest child. Maybe that's why I'm finding it so hard because it's come out of now where.

The meltdowns are on another level yet there are never any tears. Every trip out involves one, you know were strangers cast there judgemental stares in your direction (yeah cheers for that). I find it slightly easier at home to handle his behaviour but when we're out I find myself giving in for an easy life when normally I'm relatively firm. He is my little mate, maybe that's why I am finding it so hard because he has me wrapped around his finger and don't we just know it. 

Some of the thing's he is doing at the moment though are just down right naughty. When he is given a snack he now puts it on the floor and stamps all over it. What is that about?! He got hold of a lipstick (I still have no idea how) and drew on the carpet on the stairs during the 10 seconds I had gone upstairs. If you tell him off he does the old bottom lip trick, I mean how can you stay annoyed at that?! The foot stamps though, so sassy!

Grunting, does anyone else's toddler do this? He sounds like Kevin and Perry! I get flashes of what he's going to be like as a teenager, let's not think that far ahead please. The terrible twos is something every parent has to go through. It is bloody hard but we all come through the other side as a stronger person. I don't agree with it just being during year two though. With our first it went on until she was three and a half. 

He teaches me everyday how to be a better mum, how to be strong, patient and I am proud of myself for doing the best I can. Love you little man, more than you will ever no.

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