Wednesday, 1 March 2017

A trip down memory lane

Last weekend we decided to take a last minute trip to Bourton on the water. I don't know why we haven't taken the children before as it's only 30 minutes away from were we live. This place has a special place in my heart as most half terms would be spent with my Grandma in Gloucestershire and we would always visit Bourton. 

It must be ten years since I have visited and as soon as we walked round the corner everything came flooding back. Now just so you don't think I'm being morbid, my Grandma is very much still with us. We are extremely close and when I told her we had been she was so happy. It's amazing how places hold such special memories so many years later. I think it's really important to keep family traditions alive and after this trip I definitely want to take the children to other places that have meaning to us.

When I told Isabelle that I used to go in the river when I was younger she didn't believe me! I'm not sure your still allowed to do that but we plan to go back in the summer and find out. I'm sure it's a health and safety no no these days! Even though it's full of tourists, as you would expect, you can completely understand why as it's such a beautiful place.

The choice of what to eat was pretty over whelming but the kids had their hearts set on ice cream. So we had a cream tea and they had an ice cream. Win win all round I'd say! We went on the last day of half term so it was a lovely way to finish it off.

I vlogged our trip so if you fancy a nosey then please click on the video above. If your not already subscribed to my Youtube channel it would mean the absolute world if you clicked the link below. 

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