Friday, 3 March 2017

Cot to bed

What a fun couple of weeks it has been. The cot to bed transition, nothing quite like it is there. Charlie is two and a half so we decided that it was now or never. We had actually left it a lot later than his sister who was in a bed at eighteen months.

So Charlie has been in the same cot that Isabelle used and oh my goodness when Phill took it down apart of me died. It was like wham, no more babies for you, even though we had made the decision quite a while ago that we would be stopping at two. It still hurt and actually a lot more than I thought it would. When their suddenly taken out of a cot you get this wake up call of nope your definitely not a baby anymore!

The day we decided to make the transition we thought it would be a good idea to skip his afternoon nap and make sure that we really wore him out. Did this help? Um no. When Charlie came up to see his new bed we made sure that we made a big deal of it. You know the whole 'who's a big boy' and 'wow look at your new bed!'. At this point there was a mix of excitement and total apprehension. We have put Isabelle's old bed guard on so there was no fear of him falling out. Then it was bed time or rather Charlie goes to bed while Mummy and Daddy alternate sleeping on the floor. Every time we tried to leave he would scream his little heart out and insisted that the big light was put on (he's ever had an issue with the dark). The first few nights we stayed until he fell asleep then we creeped out. After the first five nights we started to come downstairs after putting him to bed. Queue Charlie coming downstairs many, many times. If we tried to put him back he would cry and we had to also think about Isabelle who was asleep in the next room. Eventually he was put back and he just gave in to the tiredness. Now don't get me wrong I completely understand that he was going to test his boundaries etc but you forget how draining it is. 

Fast forward three weeks later and he seems to have cracked it (high five!) But and oh it's a big but, he has dropped his afternoon nap. He just won't stay in his room or even attempt to fall asleep so I have given up for the time being. It does mean that by 2pm he's in an awful mood because he's tired which has been interesting to say the least. 

For me though the main thing is that he has moved from a cot to a bed and is sleeping at night, for that I am super proud of him. Next step, potty training! (wooohooo! side ways glance) 

I did film his reaction to his new bed so there will be a video up on my Youtube channel shortly.

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