Monday, 13 March 2017

How you know you have a toddler

Silence is no longer a good thing - If a toddler is quite, something is majorly wrong! Oh there probably just sat playing? No there not. There drawing all over them self in pen, emptying the wipes all over the floor or my personal favourite, drawing all over the stairs in lipstick.

cbeebies is left on well after they have gone to bed - I'll admit it, cbeebies is my go to during the witching hour, it's the only way I can get the kids tea sorted plus the usual chores. Once they have gone to bed I normally find myself sat on the sofa in a zombie trance with that blue good bye picture stuck on the TV. 

The washing is never ending - My daughter goes through clothes at a normal pace, my toddler son however seems to change his outfit 10 times a day like some kind of Beyonce diva. Wether it be food, mud,drink, pen, paint or a leaked nappy I always look forward to trying to get the stains out (sarcasm? Me? Never!).

Every task is sabotaged - You just have to give into it. There is pretty much no point trying to do anything. When I tidy up, 5 minutes later everything is back to how it was and I find myself thinking, why did I bother? Because I'm a parent and that's just what we do. Having the patience of a saint is definitely needed. My favourite at the moment is folding washing and then him running off with it and then walking all over it. Helpful, really helpful.

Meal times are interesting - We sit down to eat and the toddler pushes their plate away and wants yours. We have the same! The exact same! There's a melt down coming, you can feel it in the air. You sacrifice your dinner for the sake of the toddler and find yourself eating beans on toast several hours later. You also find yourself armed with snacks at all times. They are hungry all the time apart from when you actually want them to eat, at meal times!

They keep you on your toes, no two days are the same and it would be pretty damn boring without them. I LOVE my toddler!

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