Wednesday, 12 April 2017

A day in Bournemouth

On Sunday we decided to hit the beach (with what felt like the rest of the UK) as we wanted to make the most of the warm weather. We were going to head to Brighton but we didn't realise until the last minute that the marathon was on so we're looking forward to visiting another time.

The kids were in their element and like me I'm sure they would live by the sea if they could. All Isabelle wanted to do was to stay in the sea and my goodness it was freezing but that didn't bother her one bit! 

I think we under estimated just how hot it was though as we all had factor 50 on but I still managed to get burnt, ouch! Myself and hubby took it in turns to sit with Charlie building sand castles and taking Isabelle in the sea because of course they didn't want to do the same thing! Although to be honest Charlie is not mega keen on the sea just yet.

We had a lovely picnic and the obligatory ice cream but as you can see Charlie was more interested in eating the sand! There were so many people there that I did start to feel slightly anxious and over whelmed as there was just no breathing space. We did have a lovely day though and it was definitely worth the three hour drive.

Having Isabelle home from school for two weeks is just the best feeling. We have lots planned but this was our big day out as hubby is working Easter weekend, boooooo! The kids were totally shattered and fell asleep five minutes into the journey home.

The kids are bloody hard work but days like this and seeing there faces full of pure happiness makes it all worth while. Family time is the best time, that's all there is to it.

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