Tuesday, 25 April 2017

April Half Term

Some of my favourite pictures from half term. It was a very up and down two weeks. The first week was perfect. Hubby was home for three days, we went swimming, to the beach, to our favourite tea rooms and it was just lovely to all be together.

Isabelle has always been a little afraid of horses but at our local park there is a field full of them and she fell in love. Charlie was very happy to have her home as he got his play mate back again. 

The second week of half term didn't go exactly to plan. Charlie came down with a nasty virus which also included a horrible case of conjunctivitis. I then got the virus but instead of my eyes it affected my ears (labyrinthitis) and I suffered with vertigo. Thankfully we are just about over it but I do feel bad that it stopped some of our plans.

Isabelle was so ready to go back to school though, she missed it so much. I think the rest did her good though and of course I got to have her at home for two weeks. All though it was pretty trying at times I love having her home. 

The next half term is only a month away and I'll soon be planning our next adventures.