Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Just be you!

This week the winners of a vlogging competition were announced and like many Mummy vlogger's I was left feeling deflated after not getting through. I felt totally disheartened and like I should just give up. Was I not good enough, did I not fit what they were looking for? Of course not! There are some truly talented people out there and so many people applied that I knew it was just going to be about the taking part this time round.

Then something amazing happened. A thread was started on one of the Mummy Vlogger groups I am apart of and my goodness what a thread it was. It was full of woman building each other up, reminding each other that we are all amazing and that we just need to remember to be ourselves. I went from feeling disappointed to realising that I am apart of an amazing community of Mum's. 

Since Monday I have felt a great sense of determination to keep going and to really build my Youtube channel. Further more it has taught me once again that I need to stay true to myself and to never have self-doubt when it comes to anything in my life. 

Don't get me wrong sometimes change is good but never change who you are just to please other people. Yes you have flaws, imperfections and if your like me your also a little bit weird but that's what people love about you, it's who YOU are. 

'Just be who you want to be not what others want to see'.

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