Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Fussy eating is not fun!

I can't lie, I hate this phase of having a toddler. It causes so much worry and stress that I'm over the moon when it passes. I remember going through it with my first child and I would be so concerned that she wasn't eating enough. Of course she was but not exactly the foods that I would of liked her to eat.

I think most toddlers go through the stage of just wanting to eat potato smiles,yogurt,crisps etc. All while us parents worry that there not getting enough nutrients. I have very much learnt though as long as they are eating something that's all that matters.

At tea time if it's not beige coloured Charlie will now refuse to eat it. His favourite was spag bol and now he won't even eat it, he just pushes the plate away. When you have made a meal from scratch and he won't eat it, it's so frustrating. I have tried hiding veg in his food and I have even tried feeding him myself but he just pushes the fork away. I find myself saying the classic phrases like -

'Here comes the choo choo train'
'Just try a little bit for mummy'
'It's so yummy, look how yummy it is'
'Do you want pudding, you have to try it if you want pudding?'
Oh and definitely don't say if you don't eat it it's going in the bin because that is totally fine with him. 

These pictures are from the start of the year when he would eat anything. As I mentioned Isabelle went through this stage like most toddlers do and she now eats pretty much anything. She has even encouraged Charlie to eat by saying 'look I'm eating it' but it hasn't worked. It's not like he's going to waste away but when toddlers refuse to eat fruit, veg or anything nutritious it is worrying. I'm not going to give up though, I will keep encouraging him to eat even if it gets put in the bin. 

If you have any tips for me or your going through the same thing then please leave me a comment below!

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