Thursday, 11 May 2017

So Sassy!

Does anyone else get the flashes of what your child will be like as a teenager? That's exactly what I'm having at the moment. She is growing so unbelievably fast at the moment and I'm sure she added a few inches to her height just over the Easter half term. 

Now this girl is a force to be reckoned with when she is over tired and Monday to Friday after school is when this really shows. The attitude! I have to remember that she is only four because of the things shes comes out with. 'I don't care!' or 'whatever' are the particular favourites at the moment. Oh and don't forget about the eye rolls too. I also think that she forgets her name half the time, normally when you are asking her to stop doing something naughty!

It's times like this when I think, was I this difficult when I was her age? The answer is probably yes! She is very demanding and does try to wrap both of us round her little finger. The latest game is to ask me a question and if she doesn't like an answer she will go and ask her Dad. What I am finding hard at the moment is if she doesn't like the answer she will continue to go on about it for hours. For example she was out on her bike on the weekend and it was time to come in for lunch. She refused and pushed her bike over onto the road therefore she was told she wasn't going on it again that day. She would then ask to go on her bike repeatedly for the rest of the afternoon. I have to say this really wares me down.

She acts fiercely independent but secretly she loves it if you offer help. I know the years of primary school will go like a flash and before we know it, it will be time for secondary school. In a few weeks time my sassy little miss will turn five and I honestly can't say I like how fast time is going. How did I have my first baby five years ago? I will take her sassy attitude any day of the week, it's part of growing up at the end of the day. I also need to remember that she is still growing and that it's all apart of pushing those boundaries. Remind me of this when I am next pulling my hair out! 

'She is small but mighty'

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