Monday, 8 May 2017

Why I'm fundraising for Scotty's Little Soldiers

I was made aware of Scotty's little soldiers some time ago now. My Father works for a company that has been a long time supporter of the charity. I have wanted to fundraise for them but it was finding something that fitted in with the children. The May Marathon was perfect. The challenge is to run or walk 26.2 miles by the end of May. Now I am by no means a runner but I normally walk around 3 miles a day so I thought why not be sponsored for it?

Even though there is no one in my family who serves in the armed forces, their mission is one that just cannot be ignored. To lose someone as an adult is hard enough but a child should never have to go through such a thing. The men and woman of our armed forces sacrifice themselves for our country but it is important to remember that they are leaving a family behind 

Scotty's little soldiers provides support and guidance to children who have lost a parent with the ultimate aim being just to make them smile again. They offer activities, special days out and group events where children can meet others who have also experienced loss. The also have access to qualified councillors and can help with a child's personal development too.

For me what Scotty's little soldiers does is just amazing and that's why I am taking part in May Marathon. Now I appreciate more than most just how tight things can be financially, but if you can spare a £1 to sponsor me and to support this brilliant charity I would be so grateful.

Please click here to sponsor me, thank you!

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