Sunday, 18 June 2017

Celebrating my husband on Father's Day

This might be a slightly odd post to some but because my own Father is not in my life it's important to me to celebrate the Father of my children.

He has now been a Daddy for five years and he is the children's best friend. Our situation has dramatically changed in the past eight months and because of this he doesn't get to see them as much as he would like. The second he walks through the front door I am forgotten about and you know something, I am completely ok with that. I sit back and watch my children continue their absolute obsession with their Daddy. 

On the weekend I watch my husband fight through his total exhaustion from working two jobs to shower our children with love and his complete attention. You would think that they would be too young to understand how hard he works but they just seem to know and they show him so much love and care in return. 

Because of my own situation it's so important to me to raise my children showing them that their Daddy will always be there for them no mater what and that they can always go to him. Their connection is so strong and I hope that they stay as close as they are now. 

Thank you to my husband, the father of my children for being the best Daddy to our children that I could have ever asked for. 


  1. This is touching, it is so good to see a complete happy family children deserve :)

  2. A beautiful post. My dad also isn't in my life so I can really relate to the importance of this x

  3. Oh darling!
    What a beautiful post.

    Love the words & the pictures,
    Congrats beaut, You've done well xo

  4. This is lovely! Happy Fathers Day! x

  5. Awh this is such a lovely post! Hope you had a lovely day xo