Thursday, 15 June 2017

What did I actually do before my children?

(six years ago, one year before I had Isabelle)
Does anyone else have those moments were you wonder what you actually did before you had children? I feel like I lived this totally different life up until I had them and now I can't help wonder what I would be doing if they hadn't come along.

I went straight from school to working at the age of 16 and stayed in employment until I became pregnant at the age of 24. Before children every day I would be working full time and I would live for the weekends. I still do live for the weekends but now it's for a totally different reason. Back then we would be down the pub at any given chance (No I didn't used to be an alcoholic) and it was all about the socialising with mine and my then boyfriend's friends. It does make me wonder though how on earth we afforded to go out every weekend. I guess the money we used to spend now goes on the children and making sure they have everything they need and I couldn't be happier with that fact. 

(8 years ago)

As much as I used to like going out and more to the point not having to find childcare or worry about staying out too late, these days I am content with just getting cosy with my children and watching films. It's all about the quality time, nothing else matters anymore. 

If I hadn't of had children I don't think anything would of changed and I'm so glad it did. Before them I had no real sense of purpose or direction with my life and becoming a Mum was simply what was meant to happen to me. I do have those moments as I'm sure most Mum's do were I think is there anything else I want to do with me life. Being a Mum will always be my number one priority but I'm still not sure with where exactly I would like to see my self in say ten years time. Maybe that's because right now I'm exactly where I need to be and let's be honest life was pretty boring before children! 

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  1. I often wonder how I filled my time before kids too! They luxury of boredom ;)