Friday, 11 August 2017

Asda Little Angels nappy review

In the next few months we will be saying goodbye to nappies forever (sob). As we have used little angels nappies for five years and with both children I thought it was time that I did a review on them.

The reason we initially went for Asda's own brand of nappies back in 2012 is that we had already heard such good things about them. Also being that it was where we did our weekly food shop it just made sense to give them a go. 

We have gone from the newborn size all the way through to our latest find being the paw patrol pull up nappies which I should add Charlie is obsessed with. We now go back and forth between these and the size 6+ comfort and protect.

Now down to the nitty gritty, what do I actually think of them? Well I think they are brilliant. From day one we have never had any problems with them. Yes we had the new born stage with both children were there was the classic poonami stage were leaking is just unavoidable sometimes considering the situation. But at the time we did try a few other brands and we found that they were just not up to scratch with little angels. Charlie especially would tug on them as if they were uncomfortable and with little angels this never happened.

I have found some other brands really do not fit well but with these they are very true to size. Both children have never had any issue with rubbing around the legs or leaving a red mark from the elastic. The price for me is also another bonus, they are so reasonable. The little angels comfort and protect nappies are only £3.50. I should also say both of my children have never had nappy rash apart from right at the beginning (when let's be honest we're all figuring out how to look after a brand new baby) and I'm sure that's down to these nappies. 

We have also used their sensitive baby wipes since day one and I highly recommend them. I'm sure I will continue to buy them long after Charlie is potty trained for wiping dirty hands and faces. Mum hack, there fab for dusting too when you only have a few minutes to make your house look reasonably clean, oh come on we have all been there. 

Overall I can not recommend the Little Angels nappies and wipes enough. As we come to the end of our nappy journey I'm so glad we picked these for the past five years. Let me know if you have tried them and if you have any other staple products.


  1. We are currently using Asda's too! They feel as though they aren't going to hold much but they're doing the trick :) ox

  2. Ahh we love Asda little angels nappies! We've used them for years and have always done the job!

  3. They are absolutely brilliant aren't they! We normally get Morrisons as it's closer but Asda nappies are definitely up there with the best!

  4. We've stocked up on Asdas little angels and wipes you mentioned! I'm glad we made the right decision xx

  5. We use these too! The only supermarket brand that we've liked so far!


  6. I have never used asda nappies, but i swear by sainsburys ones! their pullup pants are fantastic

  7. I've never used anything but Pampers, with 2 children in them, it can be crippling! I was always so scared they'd get nappy rash or leaking nappies with other brands I was just never brave enough to try them. I guess that's why they market them that way. You may just have convinced me to give these a go, after that many years use they must be great!

  8. I'm pretty sure those were the nappies I used on my babies 10 years ago too. They were great :)

  9. I shall look into these! B refuses to poo on the toilet, I allow him to poo in a nappy as he got so bad that he'd hold it for days & made himself super ill :(

    These sounds great x

    1. I don't blame you at all. Definitely try the pull ups they would be great for him x

  10. We use Tesco nappies for that exact same reason - we get our weekly shop there! They do the job and are much cheaper than the market leader...!

  11. lovely review, we have used little angels before and are so happy with them x

  12. Lovely to hear your experience on these. We're just re trying these out the comfort ones. We tried them as a newborn and they felt like they came up small on our baby. But so far with the size 3s we're really impressed. We tried the Tesco ones but they kept leaking poo all the time. I used to like pampers but there so expensive and they smell funny when they get any amount of wee on them.