Friday, 25 August 2017

More children, lemon drizzle and my hardest Mum moments!

I asked on my Instagram and Twitter if anyone had any questions for me because one of my favourite type of blog posts or videos to read/watch are question and answer or tags. 

All of the questions have come from some lovely parenting bloggers so make sure you go over and have a nosey at their blogs. So let's get into it!

The first question comes from Kellie from My Little Babog. Kellie asked what is your favourite day out without the kiddos? I have to say it's really rare that I don't have the kids with me, like REALLY rare. I like doing the simple things (you know the things that I used to take for granted) like going for a really nice lunch with some drinks or going to the cinema. That might sound really boring but it's what I miss, just some me time or quality time with my hubby and friends. I am turning 30 this year and really need to start thinking about I want to do as this will probably be my next kid free time. 

Nicole from The Mum Reviews asked, if you had to live on one type of cuisine for the rest of your life, what would it be? 100% Italian. It always has been my favourite, just give me all the pizza and pasta and I'm happy. When we do eat out it's always what we go for. 

Jessamine from Mum Under Pressure asked do you think your family is complete, if not how many children would you like? This is something that I'm very much thinking about at the moment. That wave of broodiness has hit me again recently. I would love a third child but I just don't feel like it will happen. We aren't financially staple enough and I know my husband is happy with two children.  

Gemma from Gem and them asked what do you do for some quiet alone time? I do my own gel nails so if I do have an evening spare (and the kids are actually asleep) I love to do that. I also knit (no it's not just for 80 year olds) and I have done for over a long time now. My Nan taught me and I find it really helps with my anxiety as it keeps my mind and hands focused. I love a good bath too, scolding hot of course. 

Kat from Confession of a working Mum asked If you joined the circus what would your act be? I have to agree with your answer Kat, I would have to be the lady spinning all the hoops. I have a tendency to feel very over whelmed and constantly feel like I'm trying to keep everything together (what Mum doesn't) so that or the lion tamer!

Rebecca from All about Hurr asked what is your favourite type of cake? This is like asking me which one of my children is my favourite! There are just to many to choose from but coming to my mind straight away is lemon drizzle, chocolate fudge or I have recently discovered cherry bakewell victoria sponge (oh my days!).

Jenny from Midwife and life asked how do you cope when you want to shut the world out but you can't because you're a mum? Being that I have generalised anxiety disorder this is something that I feel a lot. We all have those days were we just like everyone and everything to go away but you just have to push through it. I get through the day the best I can and I then make sure I look after myself even if it's twenty minutes in a hot bath. It's so important to switch off.

Hannah from Mum meets world asked what is your dream job? This is really hard to answer as I honestly don't know! I'm at that point in my life were I don't really know what direction I want to go in. Charlie starts pre school in January which means that I will suddenly have a lot of spare time on my hands. I come from a customer service/hospitality background but I'm just not sure that's for me anymore. I'm hoping I find the answer by the end of the year. 

Amy from The smallest of things asked what has been the hardest thing about parenting for you? This often changes but if I answer for right now it's my toddler not sleeping. It's incredibly draining and it's also very reminiscent of the new born days. During the summer holidays I have also found the sibling squabbling incredibly difficult to cope with as it has just been constant! Being a Mum is bloody hard and I think it's important to say that and put it out there!

Thank you so much for the questions, I loved answering them!


  1. Great questions and answers. I hope the birthday plans come together and you get at least an hour to yourself! x

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