Friday, 1 September 2017

A letter to you my boy on your 3rd birthday

Time seems to be going so fast and you have reached your third birthday even quicker than your sister did. I remember the day you were born so clearly and it really doesn't feel like three years have passed already. In the past year you have really come on in leaps and bounds. Your speech has gone from strength to strength and your definitely not a baby anymore.  You and your sister are a force to be reckoned with when your together and she is 100% your favourite one of us all. In the next few months as we head towards January I want to try and live in the moment with you as much as possible before you start pre-school. How is it nearly time for you to go already? 

You definitely have your toddler moments especially when you don't get your own way and we still need to work on your lack of danger awareness. The not looking before you cross a road really isn't good for Mummy's stress levels! You love nothing more than running around like crazy and it's a challenge to keep you entertained these days. Those blue eyes of yours mean you get away with practically everything, I see that carrying on into the future! You still love paw patrol, trains and everything construction related. You also enjoy walking round the house in your sisters shoes and wearing her nurses outfit. Your newest 'thing' is to give us a thumbs up when your finished telling us a story which is just hilarious. You also give the best cuddles and one of my favourite parts of this last year was when you started to say I love you back to me at bedtimes. 

I am finding it so hard to know I will lose you in a few months but I know it will be the absolute making of you. You make me laugh until I cry and I can't imagine life without you. Now if you could just work on the sleep side of things that would be great! 

Happy 3rd Birthday Charlie, Mummy loves you so so much xxx

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