Monday, 25 September 2017

Potty Training, second time round

Potty training first time round with Isabelle was a breeze. I think a lot of it was purely down to luck but she was fully potty trained by the time she was two and a half. She just took to it like a duck to water and we had hardly any accidents during the day or night. She was brilliant and took it all in her stride.

This time round though, things have been a little more interesting to say the least. Charlie turned three at the start of September and I have tried since the start of the year to begin potty training him but to no avail. Every time it was brought up he would get very upset and would beg for a nappy to be put back on. Moving the nappies to some where he couldn't find them didn't work as he would get hysterical. I just took this as a sign he still wasn't ready and we moved on from it. I tried again over the summer holidays but I would still get the same reaction. 

Last Monday I tried again, we had hardly anything on so for the most part we stayed at home. As soon as he realised what I was trying to do again he got upset but I persevered and I did my best to take his mind off of it while still trying to do what was needed. Everyday however was the same, he would hold it in all day until late afternoon and he would have an accident. Of course I gave him constant reminders and reassurance but he kept telling me he didn't need to go. It does seem he doesn't like the potty as he just won't sit on it. I have tried him on the toilet on a child's toilet seat which he would sit on but then quickly asked to get off.

This week again I have purposely not planned much so that we can stay in and try and turn a corner with it. I know I shouldn't but I do feel the pressure that he is now three and he is starting pre school in January. A friend of mine has suggested if I can get get him to sit on the potty then I can give him bubbles to blow so he's sat on it but so he's distracted at the same time. I will definitely try this and I am open to other suggestions on how to help him.

I think it does make things harder when the first child has done something so quickly/found it easier but I really don't think children should be compared especially not siblings. I know we will get there and he will do it when he's good and ready. If you have an tips or advice for us it would be greatly appreciated. 


  1. I have just the same problem with my boy. Will be interested to hear *when* you have success xx

    1. We are making progress, just very slowly! x :)