Tuesday, 10 October 2017

World Mental Health Day 2017

The 10th of October is world mental health day. Of course mental health can affect us on any day of the year but it's another great opportunity to talk openly about it. World mental health day is focused on support for better mental health and taking care of yourself too. This year is all about mental health in the work place. I am so glad they have chosen this subject this year. Even though I am not working at the moment a lot of my mental health issues stem from previous jobs where I just didn't get the support I needed. We all know how stressful working is but there is a huge difference between being stressed and it taking a toll on your mental health. Considering that a great deal of the population spend more time at work than in their own homes it's important to keep some simple practices in place. 

My favourite mental health charity has always been Mind, they are just incredible. The work that they do has raised so much awareness in the UK and you can find some great tips on their website for helping you cope in the work place. A few of these are-

Taking a deep breath, this mind sound a bit silly but taking some deep breaths can help to ground you when your situation is feeling overwhelming. 

Make sure you take your breaks. We can all be guilty of skipping our breaks when we don't want to get behind with our work but this can have a negative affect on our working day. Making sure that you eat properly and just having some time to recharge is very important. 

Make sure you have clear boundaries between work and home. This means leave work at work. I know not everyone can do this but it's important for your personal life that working at home is kept to a minimum or at least to a designated area so that it doesn't invade your home space. 

Most importantly talk to your colleagues. If you know you are not feeling yourself or anxiety/depression is making you feel over whelmed at work then tell your work colleagues how you are feeling. Just talking can take a huge weight off your shoulders and they are there to support you especially when you are working as part of a team. 

Why not set yourself a challenge on Tuesday 10th October and simply ask someone how they are? Get the conversation going and lets keep talking about mental health!

For more information on world mental health day or for mental health support please visit the Mind website. 

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