Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Andy and the odd socks

Andy, the chap on the TV that has come to my rescue more than a few times when Cbeebies has babysat my children in order for me to save my sanity. Did you know though that he has just released an album of children's songs called 'Who invited this lot?'

When we were lucky enough to receive a copy in the post, it took Charlie two seconds to see who was on the front cover and shout ANDY! Although a short time later there was some confusion over why Andy was on the TV and also in his hands on the front cover of a CD.

We were due to go out in the car shortly after this so it was decided that we would bring the CD along and have our first listen of it. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a story I shared of Charlie's reaction to the songs. He was dancing around in his car seat loving every second. Be warned though the words will get stuck in your head and you will find yourself singing along!

Here's a list of the songs on the album:
1.) Aliens 
2.) Unique
3.) Groovy Hoover
4.) Battle Robot Rapper
5.) Odd Sock
6.) Dinosaur Football Legend Mega Match
7.) Ghostbusters 
8.) Welly Beat
9.) Cheeky Friends
10.) Ninja Pig
11.) All Together (At Christmas Time)

As a parent my favourite song is definitely Unique. It sends the important message that it's OK to just be yourself. Charlie is just happy to listen to the whole album over and over again if I'm being honest! 


The album is available now and would make a great stocking filler for younger children, especially those who love Cbeebies!

* We were kindly sent a copy of the album in return for an honest review. The Amazon link is affiliate meaning that if you click the link and make a purchase I will receive a fee.


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