Friday, 17 November 2017

Mental Health Guest Post Series #3

This week's post is by Gareth from Daddy Giraffe

The Invisible Illness

In life there is a few subjects that are pushed away from talking about and one of them is the invisible illness called Mental Health.

Mental Illness has no boundaries on who it affects you can be rich or poor, unknown or famous and any sex or race.

I was going to sit here and tell my story of how Mental Illness affects me and my everyday life, then I deleted my post and decided to talk about how it doesn’t just affect me at all, it affects my family and the people around me.

My Partner Cheryl and I have been together for nearly 6 years and she loved me regardless of who I am, the problem was I wasn’t ready to let anyone know I was suffering not even my parents so Cheryl had to keep quite and not tell a soul about what home life was like.

I started getting professional help and they diagnosed me with Personality Disorder (It is a pleasant mixture of Bi-Polar, depression, Schizophrenia and other things) I was placed on tablets to try and calm this down but its not like an Antibiotic that will clear up what’s wrong but it will keep it at bay.

My partner had to watch me go through all sorts like Hallucinations, sleepless nights, constant mood swings all of this she would have to deal with by herself, Cheryl would call the hospital for help, the Crisis teams just to calm the situation and get some sort of help.

It wasn’t only this she would have to endure, with my mood swings would come bouts of when I would say mean things or off the cuff things and even though she would cry I would be emotionless like a robot with no expression and of course nobody knew.

Friends were lost as I just couldn’t be around people in general and hit an all time low point of suicidal thoughts, but again she stood there like a rock not budging.

I suggested she just puts it out there and tell the world her story of how Mental Illness affects others which she put on her site and I decided to created my own blog to spread awareness for all of those suffering in silence.

I’m now on the road to recovery and getting better everyday to maintain this Illness, I can never repay Cheryl for everything she has done and taken in these 6 years but I how her everything in what ever years we remain on this planet.

So speak up, stand tall and say this won’t make me who I am.

Daddy Giraffe x

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