Monday, 20 November 2017

Review | GoGo SqueeZ

When we were offered the opportunity to try out the new GoGo SqueeZ pouches I was a little hesitant I have to admit. Like most Mum's I have tried my fair share of these pouch type snacks with my two children and I did think would these just be the same?

But and it's a big but my mind was changed even before the children had tried them after I began to read the information that had come with them. They are re-closable, first brownie point right there. If your children are like mine it's very rare that they ever fully finish something and I really dislike the fact that it normally ends up going in the bin. 

They contain one of your children's 5 fruit/vegetables a day. Charlie is going through a very fussy stage at the moment and is refusing anything that is made from scratch or that contains any type of vegetable or fruit. Since receiving these to try I have been able to worry slightly less about this as I know if I has one of these he is at least getting some goodness.

They are also school compliant which I will be bearing in mind for next year as Isabelle will be taking packed lunches when she goes into year two. Their favourite time of day to have a pouch has been in the morning as a second breakfast. They are usually up at 6.30am and have breakfast at 7am so by the time we leave for school at 8.30am they normally ask for a quick snack so these have been great. 

The GoGo SqueeZ range contains three fruit snack pouches in apple, apple and strawberry and apple and mango. There are also two yogurt pouches in the range which come in strawberry and banana. My two children have tried all five and their favourite are the strawberry yogurt and the apple and strawberry fruit pouch. Their least favourite was the plain apple snack pouch. The children loved the design on the packaging and how easy they are to open and re-seal.

You can find more information on the GoGo SqueeZ website and they are currently available at Tesco priced £2.55 for the fruit pouches and £2.95 for the yogurt pouches (both come as a pack of four). I do feel this is a little bit more expensive than what I would normally spend on this type of product but this for me really is the only downside that I could find. Look out for offers at Tesco as they have been half price recently. 

*Not sponsored. We were kindly sent the GoGo Squeeze pouches in return for an honest review.

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